Decorative Stones

We have a huge selection of gravels to meet everyone’s needs. All the products below are available in bags or bulk.

Appleby Rounds

A light grey washed river pebble, available in pea metal, 12mm, 20mm, 40mm and oversize grades. The 12mm and 20mm are suitable for paths, driveways, exposed aggregate concrete or dry river gardens.

Westcoast Rounds

From the Westcoast area, this is a washed blue / grey / white river stone, available in 20mm, 20mm – 40mm and oversize grades.

Deco Rock

A crushed rock, brown / bronze in colouring for those dry rock gardens. Available in 20mm, 40mm and oversize grades.

Garden Shale

A crushed rock, slate grey / blue in colouring. Available in 20mm – 40mm, 40mm – 60mm and oversize grades.

Cream Chip

Gives a golden touch to pedestrian and vehicular pathways for the classic look. Available in 0mm – 10mm, 13mm, 20mm and 40mm grades.

Kaikoura White

A crushed white limestone chip from the Kaikoura area. Ideal for pathways and driveways, Available in 13mm and 20mm. You’ll need your sunnys for this one!