& Bricks

Specially manufactured concrete pavers designed to suit all applications. We stock a huge selection of pavers from 270mm x 270mm up to 600mm x 600mm as well as concrete tree ring/square boarders. There are rough surface pavers, smooth surface pavers, smooth textured pavers and also a variety of different colours. Drop in to check them all out!

Paving Display Area

This is where we display all our pavers.

Pyramid Pavers

Our famous Pyramid Pavers manufactured right here on site. They are 450mm x 450mm x 45mm thick and have a rough textured surface and come in seven different colours. These are a good size (not too big or small) and are a good price. Very popular!

Old Bricks

Recycled bricks from the past, each one can tell a story, but when used again, offers a character that can’t be found any other way.

Tru Pave Bricks

New concrete bricks sized 200mm x 100mm. Available in three colours, plain, charcoal or terracotta.