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The biggest supplier in the Top of the South

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 Lynn River gloves and ear muffs

Get the kids and yourself into the garden this long weekend
Come for a visit and check out our great range of earmuffs and gloves, our resident wine waiter is taking the weekend to get into the gardening mood and showcasing the fun and useful kids gloves and earmuffs.


Friday 28th June
9AM – 4PM

Firewood/Pellet fuel

New stock of seasoned dry firewood just in,
Available by scoop or bag, some kindling available. (pellets, bag only)

Stoke Garden & Landscapes

Stoke Garden & Landscapes is a Nelson based family business that is well established in a variety of garden and landscaping products. Over the years we have earned a commendable reputation for quality products and excellence in service. Our motto is the place where service, quality and price all count.

Our landscape supplies yard includes a total of 46 bins which stock a huge range of stones, driveway chip, construction aggregate, sand, soil, compost, bark chip and more. We also have a range of decorative shingles, pavers, sleepers, garden edgings, bricks, pea straw, mulch and more. So come and check us out! Our friendly staff are always willing to assist you in any way they can.


Stoke Garden & Landscapes is a well established business that has been running for nearly 30 years. We, the Suttons, have owned and run Stoke Landscape and Garden Supplies since 2005. We believe that we can provide a comprehensive range of products and serve both the building trade and local gardeners, with customers coming from as far away as Blenheim. With most products in store and a short order time for anything that is out of stock, plus a delivery service, convenience and customer service are paramount for our family business.

All Your Needs Sorted

Courtesy Trailers

Our trailers are there to help you out. You can borrow them for up to two hours when you buy our products. We can put two scoops on our short sided trailers of gravels or four scoops of bark in our tall sided trailers.

Delivery Service

If you don't have a trailer or a tow bar we can still help you out. We deliver locally or as far out as far as Blenheim or Golden Bay, at a good price. Our truck holds six cubic meters of bark, five metres of soil, compost or crushed shell and four meters of gravel.

Front End Loader Scoop

We sell all our bulk products by the scoop on our front end loader. One scoop = 1/3 of a cubic meter. One scoop covers approx six squared meters at three centimetres deep.

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