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Seasonal Products

We carry a range of seasonal products, including hay, pea straw, firewood, and wood pellets. These essentials, selected for quality and sustainability, are ideal for your seasonal gardening and heating needs, offering both practicality and natural comfort.


Good for bedding & feeding small to large animals. Comes in convenient 50L bags.

Pea straw

Great for moisture retention and weed suppression in gardens. Can be used for bedding for some animals.


Split dried Douglas fir. Available in bags or bulk.

Wood Pellet Fuel

20kg bags suitable for wood pellet fires.

All Your Needs Sorted

Courtesy Trailers

Our trailers are there to help you out. You can borrow them for up to two hours when you buy our products. We can put two scoops on our short sided trailers of gravels or four scoops of bark in our tall sided trailers.

Delivery Service

If you don't have a trailer or a tow bar we can still help you out. We deliver locally or as far out as far as Blenheim or Golden Bay, at a good price. Our truck holds six cubic meters of bark, five metres of soil, compost or crushed shell and four meters of gravel.

Front End Loader Scoop

We sell all our bulk products by the scoop on our front end loader. One scoop = 1/3 of a cubic meter. One scoop covers approx six squared meters at three centimetres deep.

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