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Sand & Gravel

Discover our large range of sand, gravel and decorative gravel, designed to elevate your landscaping projects. Each variety is carefully selected for its quality and aesthetic appeal, ensuring your outdoor spaces are as stunning as they are sustainable.

Available in bags or bulk. Tap/click photos for a larger view.

Dune Sand

Washed beach sand from the West Coast. Good for sandpits.

Golden Sand

Washed beach sand from Golden Bay (also known as silica sand.

5mm Sand

Good for under pavers, good for plastering or can be dug into the garden.

Crusher Dust

Fine gravel down to dust. Good for skim coating a final finish. Can be used for under pavers and on driveways.


Crusher dust and gravel mixture. Can be used as a top course and base coat for hard surfacing soft areas.


A mixture of 40mm stone down to dust. Good for compaction raising levels.

Pea Metal

A small 5-8mm stone. Good for drainage coils. Can be used on a skim coat on driveways.

Conag / Builders Mix

Concrete aggregate mixture of sand and gravel suitable for concreting – add cement and mix your own.


An expensive version of AP20. Looks good on a cream finish, best results after compaction.

Drainage & Driveway Chip

Drainage and driveway chip or better known as D&D. An 8/20 grade suitable for driveways and drainage.

Garden Shale

A crushed rock, slate grey / blue in colouring. Available in 8-20mm, 20-40mm and oversize grades. Suitable for gabion cages and pathways. 20-40 good for behind retaining walls and rockeries.

Blue Quarry Rock

A 40-65mm decorative stone, useful for rockeries or drainage. Can be used for gabion cages.

Black Marble Rock

Available in 8-20mm, 20-40mm and oversize grades. 8-20mm suitable for gabion cages, rockeries and pathways. More of a decorative stone.

Deco Rock

A crushed rock, brown / bronze in colouring for those dry rock gardens. Available in 20mm, 40mm and oversize grades.

Salt and Pepper

A white decorative, marble rock. Good for pathways, patio areas, driveways.

West Coast Rounds

From the Westcoast area, this is a washed blue / grey / white river decorative stone. Available in 20mm, 20-40mm, 20-100mm. All three good decorative stones. The 20-100 can be used somewhat for a gabion cage.

Cream Chip

Gives a golden touch to pathways, driveways, rockeries, patios for the classic look. A good decorative cream marble stone. Available in 13mm, 20mm, 40mm.

Appleby Rounds

A light grey washed river pebble, suitable for paths, rockeries, patio areas. Available in 12mm, 20mm, 20-65mm and oversized. The oversized can be used for gabion cages.

Kaikoura White

Comes in a 20mm, 15mm or a 10mm grade. Suitable for driveways, paths. A good decorative stone.

All Your Needs Sorted

Courtesy Trailers

Our trailers are there to help you out. You can borrow them for up to two hours when you buy our products. We can put two scoops on our short sided trailers of gravels or four scoops of bark in our tall sided trailers.

Delivery Service

If you don't have a trailer or a tow bar we can still help you out. We deliver locally or as far out as far as Blenheim or Golden Bay, at a good price. Our truck holds six cubic meters of bark, five metres of soil, compost or crushed shell and four meters of gravel.

Front End Loader Scoop

We sell all our bulk products by the scoop on our front end loader. One scoop = 1/3 of a cubic meter. One scoop covers approx six squared meters at three centimetres deep.

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